Your Bridal FAQs: Simplifying Your Path to ‘I Do’


Embark on your wedding journey with confidence. Our Frequently Asked Questions provide straightforward answers to common queries, ensuring your experience at The Steel Magnolia is smooth and enjoyable. From gown details to appointment logistics, find the information you need in one convenient place. Your dream wedding starts with clarity, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

In order to avoid rush fees, you should shop and purchase a gown 1 year before your wedding. Gowns are specifically made for each bride, which takes at least 6 months. You must always plan enough time for alterations as well. We do have some quick delivery options, but to ensure you have the option of any gown in store, the earlier the better.

We can accommodate 5 guests for you. Too many guests can hinder us from hearing the voice of the bride. Always let us know if you need wheelchair accessible areas, as our building does have two stories.

Tailored Elegance: Private Bridal Consultations

At The Steel Magnolia, we redefine the bridal experience through exclusive private consultations and visits. Immerse yourself in an intimate setting where your unique style takes center stage. Our dedicated consultants guide you through our curated collection, ensuring a personalized journey as you discover the gown that reflects your individuality. The Steel Magnolia – where your vision meets unparalleled sophistication.